PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt) Formulation

Polymers are added to asphalt cement to increase durability, resist rutting and cracking, and enhance overall performance.  The formulation process includes testing the polymer for compatibility, determining the required amount of polymer, and approving the formulation.

Emulsion Formulation

One method of liquefying asphalt for construction purposes is to mix it with water and an emulsifying agent (such as soap). Emulsified asphalts are most often used for road surface treatments such as fog seals, slurry seals, chip applications, and micro surfacing. We will formulate virtually any type of emulsion, including slow-setting, medium-setting, rapid-setting, anionic, cationic, non-ionic, high float and polymer-modified.

Crumb Rubber Formulation

At Gecan, we create crumb rubber formulations to meet your requirements. As part of the process we also test the rubber and provide a final formulation report.