Asphalt Mix

Gecan designs and analyzes virtually any type of asphalt mix, including hot mix, cold mix, crumb rubber, stone mastic, and recycled asphalt pavement.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt (HMA) is an asphalt mix which requires both the aggregate and the asphalt cement to be heated to enhance workability. We can create asphalt concrete pavement using either the Marshall or Superpave method:


The Superpave system optimizes asphalt performance by evaluating the asphalt’s performance characteristics against the conditions of the environment where it will be used. Gecan is equipped to design asphalt mixes using the Superpave system.


The Marshall system is one of the most widely used methods of mix design. The Marshall method focuses on density-voids analysis and achieving the minimum stability-flow value. Gecan can design asphalt mix according to specifications and standards.

Asphalt Stabilized Base Course (CMA)

Asphalt Stabilized Base Course is a Cold Mix Asphalt (CMA) made by mixing crushed aggregate with asphalt that has been plant mixed at an elevated temperature. Either cutback or emulsified asphalt may be used.

Hot In-Place Recycling

Hot In-Place Recycling (HIPR) is an in-place method of repairing distressed pavement surfaces. Up to 50 mm of the pavement surface is heated, scarified, rejuvenated, and replaced.


Rubber from recycled tires can be used to create asphalt mixtures. At Gecan, we are equipped to design and test asphalt rubber to meet your specifications.


Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is a durable, deformation-resistant, gap-graded concrete cement. It has high coarse aggregate content which forms a stone skeleton. The skeleton is filled with binder, fibers, and filler, making it strong, durable, and an ideal road surface for high-traffic areas. At Gecan, we can design and evaluate SMA mixes.