Our Facility

Gecan’s lab is located in Acheson, Alberta. Our lab is one of the largest of its kind in Western Canada and features new, state-of-the-art equipment, ranging from UV microscopes to Dynamic Shear Rheometers. Our range of equipment enables us to perform almost any existing binder test, from conventional penetration tests to new performance grade tests. We are also equipped to perform less common tests – such as crumb rubber and toughness and tenacity – which are generally not performed in other labs. We have multiples of many pieces of equipment, meaning we are capable of testing many samples at a time.

Our lab equipment undergoes regular, scheduled maintenance, including regular visits from manufacturers. This commitment to lab maintenance is unmatched in the industry, and results in higher levels of test accuracy.

Security and confidentiality are crucial aspects of our lab operations. We keep your samples and your company information safe and confidential.